As NFTs become wildly popular as collector items for digital art, another type of NFT appears to be emerging with more real world utility. 

These NFTs, known as membership or access passes are sold to community members for them to access certain privileges, digitally or physically.

Currently, these passes are being sold by a few businesses and influencers in the web3 space and are having much greater price stability than their art oriented counterparts during volatile markets. 

These sellers are able to generate an income stream and further engage their core audience by using the passes as a manner to access their unique offerings. Pass buyers are able to resell their membership on the secondary market at any time, which also pays the originator a percentage of the secondary transaction. 

While the model has shown to be effective so far, the number of people leveraging this technique in their business is very limited. This is largely due to the complexity in creating and deploying these passes alongside the lack of awareness of their benefits. 

That’s where NFTY Tunnel comes in. 


To make it simple for businesses and individuals to give and receive value from their audience through NFTs.


We streamline the creation and usage of NFT membership passes.


By creating a simple and secure system that standardizes the NFT pass creation process.

From design to deployment, we are able to be an end to end solution in NFT membership pass creation.


To become a deployer and marketplace of NFT membership passes. 

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